Willkommen auf meinem Blog. Über eure Kommentare freue ich mich sehr.

Welcome on my blog. I'm very glad about your comments.

Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2016

I'm back with Joeys challenge #136

I'm back from 6 weeks medical rehabilitation. Since last Wednesday I stay at home again and it's hard for me to find back in everyday life. But Zentangle is one part to help me. And so I began with Joeys Challenge #136 and "Finish my Tile"..... Fracas in the top left corner, added with Garlic Gloves, Florz, Malory, Hana and a little bit orange colour on the tile.

Joeys weekly challenge #136
Vielen Dank, dass ihr auf meinem Blog vorbeigeschaut habt. Über Kommentare freue ich mich sehr.
Many thanks that you have stopping on my Blog. I am  very glad about your comments