Willkommen auf meinem Blog. Über eure Kommentare freue ich mich sehr.

Welcome on my blog. I'm very glad about your comments.

Mittwoch, 30. August 2017

9 tile challenge and some more

Joey continues the 9 tile challenge with tile 2 and Merryweather last week and tile 3 this week with Cruffle. I'm thrilled about this challenge and looking forward to the result.

Joey's #179 - Tile 2
Merryweather, Knightsbridge, Printemps, Wud,
Tripoli for reticula filled with Fragment L16

Joey's #180 - Tile 3
Cruffle, Diva Dance, Tint, Narwal, Tipple,
Tripoli, Double marasu

9 tile challenge - tile 1 - 3
...some more just for fun...

Playing in my sketchbook
Double Marasu, African Artist, Wud, Tint, Tipple

I love Marasu and when I saw Double Marasu - how to on Margret Bremners blog I just have to try it.

Tint was created by Henrike Bratz. The stepout and the history you can find here.

Freitag, 18. August 2017

DC #329, a new blog with a new challenge, Happy 4th. Birthday IAST

This weeks guestpost by Marguerite Samana on Diva's blog. Marguerite challengend us to use Fragment D1. I tried to draw in three different ways. On of them with Reticula R-L2 which consist of a circle into a rectangle. Thank you Marguerite for this beautiful and for me relaxing challenge. Please have also a look to the entries of the other artists.

DC #329 - Fragment D1
Retikula R-B1 and R-L2
Add a variation of Wud

Joey started after her Time-out:

- with a new blog, which have a new format, new name, but the most will be the same as madebyjoey. Congratulation Joey, I like the new format.

- and a beautiful new and interesting challenge over the next 9 weeks. We need 9 tiles (circles, draw in a sketchbook, any size ... all is possible), lay 3 tiles across by 3 down, draw  first a border around the entire square of tiles and then create a large string inside the border crossing every tile. Every week Joey will be choose a tangle, which must be incorporated in the weekly tile.

More details, the new blog and the entries of the other artist you can find here.

I prepared the tiles and began to draw with the first, incorporated African Artist.
While drawing I noticed that I didn't took a picture of the prepared tiles, but it wasn't to late :)) - and here is it.

....and here comes the finished first tile...

Joeys #178 - Tile 1 - African Artist -
Reticula R-L2, Fragment D23
Tipple, Pokeleaf, Jaysix, 'Nzeppel

Very Happy 4th. Birthday IAST (It's a string Thing). Thank you so much Adele for making a every week great and interesting challenges.

Adele challenged us to celebrate this  with a string of 4 candles and the tangles Knightsbridge, Trella, Copada and Wud.
This week I saw a new Zentangle technic called TransZending - that means, with my words, to draw and shadow your tile as normally. And now drawing with the micron on a part of the tile for example another tangle or a field. Shadow the outside with graphit and inside with white pastell pencil or Zenstone.
I thought this is wonderful and I'll give it a try - especially for this Birthday-Challenge.  

IAST #208

Sonntag, 13. August 2017

Joey's #177, Tangle-Mosaic-Project #9 and some more

Another week with a guestblogger on Joey's blog. Susan Theron challengend us to create a tile to honor Joey, using a J-string and tangles which begin with J / V / O. I did this with pleasure and to say thank you so much, Joey, for an inspired  weekly challenge.

Joey's #177 - Jaysix, Jetties, Veezley, V-Lampz, Octoleg

Tangle-Mosaic-Project #9 on Annette's blog with the theme "Reticula and Fragment" using Cubine for reticula. I'm anxious to see the beautiful mosaics, which combine by Annette with all entries of the other artists.

TMP #9
Reticula: Cubine
Tangles: Paradox, Naida, Verve, Retro, Crescent Moon,
Betweed, Tipple, CO2, Purk, Printemps, Hollibaugh

...just for fun....

Mooka, Cruffle, Buttercup, Tamisolo
Playing with reticula / fragments