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Sonntag, 13. August 2017

Joey's #177, Tangle-Mosaic-Project #9 and some more

Another week with a guestblogger on Joey's blog. Susan Theron challengend us to create a tile to honor Joey, using a J-string and tangles which begin with J / V / O. I did this with pleasure and to say thank you so much, Joey, for an inspired  weekly challenge.

Joey's #177 - Jaysix, Jetties, Veezley, V-Lampz, Octoleg

Tangle-Mosaic-Project #9 on Annette's blog with the theme "Reticula and Fragment" using Cubine for reticula. I'm anxious to see the beautiful mosaics, which combine by Annette with all entries of the other artists.

TMP #9
Reticula: Cubine
Tangles: Paradox, Naida, Verve, Retro, Crescent Moon,
Betweed, Tipple, CO2, Purk, Printemps, Hollibaugh

...just for fun....

Mooka, Cruffle, Buttercup, Tamisolo
Playing with reticula / fragments