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Mittwoch, 30. August 2017

9 tile challenge and some more

Joey continues the 9 tile challenge with tile 2 and Merryweather last week and tile 3 this week with Cruffle. I'm thrilled about this challenge and looking forward to the result.

Joey's #179 - Tile 2
Merryweather, Knightsbridge, Printemps, Wud,
Tripoli for reticula filled with Fragment L16

Joey's #180 - Tile 3
Cruffle, Diva Dance, Tint, Narwal, Tipple,
Tripoli, Double marasu

9 tile challenge - tile 1 - 3
...some more just for fun...

Playing in my sketchbook
Double Marasu, African Artist, Wud, Tint, Tipple

I love Marasu and when I saw Double Marasu - how to on Margret Bremners blog I just have to try it.

Tint was created by Henrike Bratz. The stepout and the history you can find here.


  1. Beautiful work Sabine! Your Joey ensemble is progressing beautifully. I love your sketchbook page and thanks for the reminder about double Marasu. I saw Margaret post that last week and meant to try it but forgot;-)

  2. Die ersten drei Teile des 9-er-Mosaiks sind toll gelungen. Mir gefällt vor allem die Zusammenstellung der harmonischen frischen Farben. Ich bin schon auf das Gesamtergebnis gespannt.

  3. Just lovely! This is just so exciting to me watching the progress every one is making.