Willkommen auf meinem Blog. Über eure Kommentare freue ich mich sehr.

Welcome on my blog. I'm very glad about your comments.

Samstag, 2. Juli 2016

Weekly challenges......

For Joey with the 4. circular string first I haven't any idea but at the end I had two tiles.

Joeys #119 - Gnarly, Tipple, Cheese Cloth and blue colour

Gnarly and a little bit red

The Diva asked us this week to make a remix with an older tile or a tile, which wasn't finished. I took a tile from August 2015 and draw a remix.

August 2015

Remix June 2016

And.... just for fun

Vielen Dank, dass ihr auf meinem Blog vorbeigeschaut habt. Über Kommentare freue ich mich sehr.
Many thanks that you have stopping on my Blog. I am  very glad about your comments


  1. I love your tiles for Joey, beautiful coloured and very special, both of them.
    For this week, you did a good job on the remix: your tile is brighter and better in balance between the black and white areas.
    I also like the one for fun!

  2. Lovely work! Your 2 Joey tiles are so graphic and bold. The Diva remix is also much more confident, especially how the Hollibaugh transitions into Pokeleaf. Well done!

  3. Liebe Sabine, toller "Diva-Remix"! Deine "gnarly-tiles" sind super schön! Bei Nr 1 finde ich die Meeresfarben so schön und Nr 2 wirkt so schön plastisch! Und "einfach nur so" ist ebenfalls klasse! :) LG, Anja

  4. Your Joey´s challenge-tiles are great!

  5. Looks like you had a busy week. Love your tiles from the Joey challenge. They are so bold and colorful! Your Diva Remix showed a much more relaxed hand in the linework and it is very well done. Your just for fun tile is indeed very fun. Looks like you enjoyed your tangling time this week. Beautiful work!

  6. Beautiful! I especially like the Joey's challenge tiles with their bold color contrast. That cheesecloth pattern is a great background and really helps to set off your focal point. Love your Gnarly and your shading!