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Freitag, 14. Juli 2017

Rope-String and Tangled Heart

Joey's # 173 - guest Blogger Michele Wynne challenged us to use a Rope-String (by Margret Bremner). That was new to me, but I like it. Thank you Michele for introduce.

Rope String
Beebug, Shattuck, Flux, Curl, Cheese Cloth

DC #324 - Tangled heart - a guest post by Jessica Davies.

Aquafleur like a heart,
Curl, Flux, Blooming Butter


  1. Nice rope, great heart... 2 beautiful tiles.

  2. Lovely tiles Sabine! I really love your rope string piece. It's so elegant with that touch of color 😍 thanks for taking on my challenge 🍻

  3. mmm, what a wonderful Aquafler heart! Lovely!

  4. Beautiful ropestring with gorgeous little gems in Beebug and I like your Aquafleur heart very much, surrounded by lovely drawn tangles!