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Montag, 15. August 2016

Duotangle Abeko vs. Phroz and Finish my tile challenge

For IATS #157 challengend us Adele drawing a duotangle with Abeko (a new tangle from Lynn Mead, CZT) and Phroz (Lynn Mead). Both are new to me. A lovely string, two beautiful tangles and I had problems to bring them together on a tile :(.  After some attemps.....here my entry for this week. I'm not so contented with it, but it is what it is :)) 

IATS #157 - Abeko, Phroz

Last week ended the circle string series at Joeys blog. I was curious to the new challenge this monday. And the new challenge is called by her "FINISH MY TILE CHALLENGE". I love it. In the way, this challenge is similar "Travelling Tiles". I read and saw so much about it, but never done one. Now I'm happy to take part of Joeys new challenge. She starts each tile with one tangle and then we added tangles of our own to finished it off. This morning I had seen it.....and now I had finished my tile on the same day - I'm astonished at myself.

Joey started the tile with Paradox. I draw it in the same spot of my own tile, added some tangles and coloured a little. What a fun. I'm looking forward to the next weeks. Thank you Joey for this great idea!

Finish my tile #1 (Paradox) 
Crescent Moon, Arukas, O,Teenos, Loev, Münz, Abeko, Pearly
Vielen Dank, dass ihr auf meinem Blog vorbeigeschaut habt. Über Kommentare freue ich mich sehr.
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  1. Bine, I love the way you put Auraknot and Abeko together. I couldn't seen to get them together on my own tile.

    I also love the way you finished Joey's tile. I'm looking forward to doing it, too.


  2. Beautiful job. I love your little touches of color.

  3. Nice job! I like the very careful drawing of Paradox! And the choice of tangles is beautiful!

  4. Beautiful tile! I love that pop of color and the shading is lovely;-)

  5. Great level of contrast and the hit of orange is lovely.

  6. Beautiful work, love them both!

  7. Two beautiful tiles, it is hard to say which one I prefer, I like thel both and how you add a little touch of color, splendid!

  8. Zwei herrliche Kacheln! Der Hauch an Farbe in beiden ist wunderbar und du hast toll schattiert! Klasse!
    Liebe Grüße, Annette