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Freitag, 19. Mai 2017

T-String - IAST #195 - TMP #8

Joey started with a T-string and the pattern Tamisolo in her finish my tile and alphabet challenge.
Joey's #165 - T-String
Tamisolo, Trio, Tipple, Teenos,
TaroFlora, Tropicana, Tripoli

IAST #195 begins with a string of three circles.
Printemps, Strutz, Tessel

And for Annettes Tangle-Mosaik-Projekt #8 I draw three tiles. If you would like to participate, it ends at 30.05.2017.

TMP #8 - May makes everything new


  1. Very nice work.
    I love how you have drawn Tamisolo on your T and the combination of black/white and only green is beautiful.
    About your tile for Adele, I like the contrasts that you have created and the wonderful shadows. Me too love to use colour but I like black/white also.
    The tiles for Annette look fantastic, all three, gorgeous chosen and drawn tangles!!!

  2. Great T like Ria says the green really looks good. In the IAST just love what you did with Tessell! I'll have to put your version in my pattern book.